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I'm a woman, mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife and partner in crime. I'm spontaneous, anal, loud, loving, funny (or at least I think I am), and generally honest. Sometimes I get these thoughts... so I've created this blog to share them. Feel free to respond, but be kind...did I mention that I'm sensitive?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Well, it’s Sunday evening and we're getting ready to go back to school and work in the morning. This Sunday evening is a little different from just any Sunday evening because this is the last day of my favorite holiday weekend. Oh, how I love Thanksgiving. I love it because I get to spend time with family, eat perfectly prepared dishes, and relish in desserts. I get to see my nieces and nephews who have left for college, play with the newest members of the family, and have wonderful conversations with everyone. And, I get to count my blessings.

On Thanksgiving Day, I really am able to stop and think about what matters to me. I can put pettiness aside and remember that life is precious and friends are few. I can enjoy the day-to-day moments that I usually take for granted. On Thanksgiving Day I smile when I realize the kids have been up playing video games all morning; and am thankful they have eyes to see and hands to work the controllers. I am patient when they argue; enjoying their clear, strong voices. I thank God for my children for I know many people who are not able to conceive. On Thanksgiving Day I grin when I see the paper scattered all over the table, knowing that I am able to read and comprehend. I smile as I sweep the floor, thankful to be able to squat and scoop; some people struggle with those movements. On Thanksgiving Day, I happily cook in my kitchen; I am blessed to have family with whom to enjoy the day. I remember to say “please” and “thank you”. I look forward to giggles and grins. I offer little prayers for simple things like favorite pictures, comfy jeans, long hugs, and funny comments. I appreciate my health, my home, and my hubby.

On Thanksgiving Day, I take nothing for granted. On this day, I am truly happy. I am content with who I am, what I have, and where I'm headed. It is a day for perspective, for clarity, and for thankfulness.

Then comes Christmas…that is a whole other story!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Look, Copy, and Learn

I have honestly enjoyed watching my youngest daughter morph into a junior high student. She comes home daily with tales to tell and stories to recount. She speaks of other girls, funny teachers, grumpy moments, silly decisions, sport mishaps, school triumphs, sleepovers, and much, much more. Sometimes I grow impatient by her detailed account of every word, step, breath, and giggle, but I understand that I’m lucky to be “in the know” with what’s happening in her little world. Along with all the info, I also get my share of requests; requests for clothes, tickets, rides, and accessories… She wants to keep up with all her newfound friends in school.

She recently requested some new jeans, not because hers don’t fit, but because they aren’t in style. I questioned her about EXACTLY what she was wanting and she quickly said “Miss Me jeans”. She explained that they are expensive jeans that have embellished pockets and thick stitching, “but”, she added, “I’m sure we can get them on sale, or find something that looks similar”. We had a nice conversation about status and materialism. I was pleased to learn that my daughter did not expect me to spend $100 on a single pair of jeans, nor would she spend it if she were to use her own money. But, she knew what she wanted based on her friend’s choices.

And, that got me thinking…don’t we all “try-on” other personalities and follow other people’s leads to be able to determine our own courses of action? Don’t we have to copy what other people do to figure out if it “fits” us? I mean, how do you know you don’t like to run until you run? I’ve copied friends’ habits, I’ve shopped at "their" stores, tried out "their" laughs, and worn outfits similar to those in "their" closets. I’ve read their books, borrowed their phrases, claimed their recipes, and matched their nail polish (I do wear polish occasionally). Many of my decorating ideas have come from mimicking things I’ve seen in other people’s homes. Sometimes those copies become part of my person and sometimes they just don’t. I remember buying a gorgeous red dress for a holiday party because my friend (who worked elsewhere) bought one and LOVED it…well, I felt uncomfortable all night and never wore that dress again. I also remember buying pajama nighties because my friend beamed about how comfy they were. I ended up taking them all back because they just weren't "me" (I didn’t take back the one I slept in…just so you know). We all copy each other. We start at birth.

Well, I ended up getting my little one a couple great new pairs of jeans, and she is relishing in her new found sense of style!