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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Two Cents...

Most of you know I wrote a book called “Everybody Has Something”…it’s a celebration of individualism and its purpose is to introduce children to diversity, to nurture self-esteem, and to promote acceptance of all people. I’m beginning to think I should write a similar book for adults.

What is it about the word “gay” that brings out the crazy in people? Gay people are people, just like you and I are people. Yes, their sex life is slightly different, but come on; does anyone really care what anyone else is doing behind closed doors? It seems they only care if the people behind those doors are same sex partners. Gay love is love, just like you and I experience love. If it were to be legalized, gay marriage would be marriage, just as binding and sacred as heterosexual marriage. I know that my views on this may not be the same as your views, and that’s OK. We each should be free to feel and think the way we feel and think.

But, the thing is, some people really want other people to feel and think like they feel and think, and they try to push their personal beliefs onto others. That’s why we’re still talking about gay marriage…and breast feeding, and parenting, and co-sleeping, and abortion, and…etc. It’s really difficult for some people to accept that there is more than one “right” way. The world is not black and white, but rather a hundred shades of gray (ummm…no, not quite like the book!)

It used to be wrong for people of different races to marry, it isn’t anymore. It used to be wrong for people of different religions to marry, it isn’t anymore. It used to be wrong for people of different socio-economic status’s to marry, it isn’t anymore. And I believe the same will be true for same-sex marriage in the near future.

Until then, let’s just let people be themselves. Let’s celebrate that we each are different and unique and beautiful and perfect. Let’s build people up, instead of tear anyone down, and let’s accept each other for who we are; without judgment or conditions.

If you want to ignore the controversy and avoid confrontation, then feel free to do so; if you want to stand up for something you believe is right, then stand up! If you want to eat Chik-fil-A, eat it; if you want to boycott, boycott; if you want to order water to make a point, then make the point. And be accepting of what others do, or don’t do, too.