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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Forever Friendships

I’ve been cleaning out and organizing the past few weeks and I came across all my old Christmas letters and pictures. After the holidays, I can’t bring myself to throw away those treasures, so I stash them in gallon size zip-lock bags to eventually put in scrapbooks. Needless-to-say, I can no longer deny that times have changed and I have aged! It was such a wonderful afternoon.

I have so many great moments that connect me with so many great people; even though we don't see each other much (if ever) now, we are forever friends. I remember shopping, gossiping, cooking out, long phone conversations, road trips, and progressive dinner parties. I remember crying over break-ups together, sneaking out of our houses together, and getting into trouble together. I remember card games, mud fights, Pictionary, pizza, and long study sessions. I remember dancing and laughing and doing stupid things in the middle of the night. I remember walks, work outs, and sipping wine on the front porch. We were in each other’s weddings, we decorated each other’s homes; picked out curtains and clocks and comforters. We cleaned and organized each other’s cabinets. We celebrated milestones, comforted each other’s crying babies, diagnosed rashes, shared recipes and delivered perfectly timed batches of homemade cookies. We discussed politics, religion, finances and vacation spots. We shared babysitters, photographers, and favorite books. We attended graduations, ballgames, fund-raisers, and surprise birthday parties. We mourned lost loved ones. We were there for each other, always, while it lasted. We moved, got new jobs, bought new homes, and got too busy. We may or may not have had hurt feelings, misunderstandings, or disagreements over trivial details, but the memories are still there and still fresh and clear and fun and important and special. I’ve told some of you things that I may never tell anyone else again.

It’s neat to think that for those short weeks, months, or years we were in similar places in our lives that allowed us to share time and build great memories and strong friendships. Currently, our friendships may be more in my mind then in our lives, but still, I remember and I enjoy and I cherish those moments we shared. Even though I don’t see you, I’m connected to you forever, and for that, I am grateful.