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I'm a woman, mother, friend, sister, daughter, wife and partner in crime. I'm spontaneous, anal, loud, loving, funny (or at least I think I am), and generally honest. Sometimes I get these thoughts... so I've created this blog to share them. Feel free to respond, but be kind...did I mention that I'm sensitive?

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Defining Moment

I remember a few defining moments in my life: my first ‘real’ kiss, an extraordinary conversation with my grandmother, a diagnosis, a car accident, my wedding day, my children’s birthdays…and a matter-of-factly stated comment from a colleague at a recent after-work get together…

“You’re so negative; always complaining about something”; complete with a tiny hand shrug and eye-roll.

I was caught off-guard, I mean, I had a right to be negative – I’d just gotten screwed out of a…(maybe I shouldn’t mention that here)! Even so, I was affected. I thought about that comment all evening…and the next…and the next. I recalled my previous conversations and discussions and interactions, I remembered my attitudes and auras. I had been focused on some specific actions at work and at home that I was upset about. I do drop the f-bomb a lot, am short tempered more often, and I let my house go (not too much) - a very telling sign that I’m out of sync. But, am I THAT negative? Do I complain THAT much? Apparently the answer is “yes”.

So, what do I do about it now? How do I get out of that funk? Do I just stop being honest about my feelings and interpretations? Stop fighting for what I believe in? Stop asking tough questions? Do I lower my expectations? Accept mediocrity? How can I go back to positive and fun?

If you’ve read my other blogs, you know I believe that perspective is reality; you believe what you perceive. I also believe that negativity breeds negativity and I have apparently gotten caught up in that action. So, I need to change my reality. Life is a mixed blessing and I will look past the negative in my life (schedule, finances, job), and revel in the good things happening around me.

Your brain believes what your mouth tells it; and I will tell mine great things!